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Zuni Fetishes

The Zuni Pueblo Indians feel that animals are endowed with unique spiritual powers,
and that the fetish is the embodiment of these spirits. Carved from rock and semi-precious stones,
Zuni fetish carvings are used in daily life for good luck, prosperity and health. The heartline of
coral or turquoise seen on some fetishes represents the living essence within the stone body,
while the backpack on a fetish is an offering to the animal spirits.

Common materials used by Zuni fetish carvers include serpentine, jet, turquoise, coral, travertine onyx,
green snail shell and Picasso marble. The bear or medicine bear is one of the most popular and commonly
made Zuni fetishes, representing strength, courage, power, good luck, and healing.

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Hopi Pottery

H—MHopi Pottery
N—RHopi Pottery
s—ZHopi Pottery

Andrew and Roberta Abeita
Richard Abeita
Stewart Alonzo
Burt Awelagte
Christine Banteah
Sedrick Banteah
Bryson Bobelu
Emery Boone
Evalena Boone

Leland Boone
Lena Boone
Calvert Bowannie
Fred Bowannie
Adrian Cachini
Alvin Calavaza
Aaron Chapella
Monica Chapito
David Chavez
Vince Chavez
Adrin Cheama
Arvella Cheama
Cody Cheama
Fabian Cheama
Joanne Cheama
Lance Cheama
Vivella Cheama
Wilfred Cheama
Michael Coble

Dee Edaakie

Bremette Epaloose

Alonzo Esalio
Carlton Etsate
Jimmy Etsate

Albert Eustace
Debra Gasper
Dilbert Gasper
Dinah Gasper

Herbert Halate
Eddie Hannaweeke
Brion Hattie
Herbert Him
Elfina Hustito
Herbert Hustito
Justin Hustito
Kimberly Kalestewa
Lebert Kaskalla
Leonard Kaskalla
Libert Kaskalla
Marnella Kucate
Ricky Laahty
Ron Laahty

Max Laate
Pernell Laate
Donovan Laiwakete
Fernando Laiwakete
Kenric Laiwakete
Bernie Laselute
Priscilla Lasiloo
Travis Lasiloo
Michael Laweke
Delvin Leekya
Enrike Leekya
Freddie Leekya
Hayes Leekya
Edna Leki
Josh Leki
Ed Lementino
Tim Lementino
Lorae Lonasee
Elfina Lowsayatee
Todd Lowsayatee
Rosella Lunasee
Ronnie Lunasee
Vernon Lunasee
Ulysses Mahkee
Carol Martinez
Florentino Martinez
Terrence Martza

Esteban Najera
Ruben Najera
Jonathan Natewa
Staley Natewa
Frank Nieto
Travis Nieto
Gibbs Othole
Terrence Panteah
Claudia Peina
Hiram Peynetsa
Abby Quam
Dan Quam
Georgette Quam
Jayne Quam
Laura and Andrew Quam
Lynn Quam
Prudencia Quam
Andres Quandalacey
Avery Quandalacey
Chad Quandalacey
Ellen Quandalacey

Faye Quandalacey
Georgia Quandalacey
Sandra Quandalacey
Stewart Quandalacey
Stuart Quandalacey
Vickie Quandalacey

Melvin Sandoval
Hudson Sandy
Roselle Shack
Russell Shack
Lorandina Sheche
Jeff Shetima
Gabe Sice
Troy Sice
Ray Todacheney
Jeffery Tsalabutie
Fabian Tsethlikai
Terrence Tsethlikai
Marcel Weahkee
Robert Weahkee
Corwin Yamutewa

Brian Yatsattie
Nelson Yatsattie
Mike Yatsayte
Jimmy Yawakia
Julian Yuselew
Karen Zunie



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